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WHAT IS Pills?

We’re Changing the Way the Business Owner Thinks About Their Brand.

Pills is a design and management platform focusing on brand creation, value proposition, architectural and industrial design, marketing strategies and management. By being an interdisciplinary platform, Pills has the ability for creating, improving, branding and selling the product/service.

Based on a sales oriented approach Pills serves abovesaid essential need segments of a company in 4 modules:

PillsBranding /// PillsArch /// PillsService/// PillsTraining

a brand.


Pills Modules Deliver Measurable Services Around the World.

One key element of Pills approach is every implementation is designed for a certain outcome, with certain data. Therefore 'measuring itself becomes key' also brings measurability of the outcome' by nature. So as the modules are divided pro rata for this sole purpose.

"All men by nature desire to know."


How Aristotle influenced Pills on Measurability

create / suit-up / sell

Pills BrandingPlatform

Brand creation, just in days.

Pills ArchPlatform

Your space/product and

the business around it.

Pills ServicePlatform

Marketing Management, Value Creation & Project Development

Pills TrainingPlatform

Training to let live

WHY Pills ?

A unique approach, using the method of Human to Human.(H2H)

It should be underlined that companies are living organisms. After all, people are served by being produced with people.


Partners & Clients 

Pills has a flexible business model in terms of models of collaboration with its clientele. The platform has been designed to be benefited by everyone. A company can hire the modules of Pills for its corporate requirements or an organization which is lacking the mechanism can hire Pills under their umbrella as a service provider and under intellectual property regulations.

So you can either become a 'Client' or a 'Strategic Partner' with Pills.


Pills creates and co-manages sustainability projects and campaigns for the companies. These projects or programs are created focusing on innovation, human life and environmental subjects.

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